Sep 16, 2014

Episode 73: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Pia Zadora And The Weak-Ass Pony


For Episode 73 we went back to the beach! Sort of. More like down to the river, thanks to "A River Runs Through It" star Craig Scheffer who sings a lot with his shirt off and eventually turns into a panther! Also, Pia Zadora! Also, giant squids! And aliens! Anyway, it's called THE VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS from 1984 and it's about some aliens that look like people coming to Earth and finding some crazy rocking kids and trying to start bands! Oh, and Jermaine Jackson was there for a second! Along for the fantastic voyage, comedian DEREK SHEEN! Expect penis chainsaws, weak-ass pony tails and rock-a-billy. SO MUCH ROCK-A-BILLY.

Jul 8, 2014

Episode 72: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Superhero Secret Docking


It's Episode 72 of TEC, the only bad movie podcast in town that may be covered in a rocky exterior, but inside is an everlovin' heart of gold! For this episode we viewed a bootleg VHS copy I bought on Ebay in college of 1994's unreleased live action THE FANTASTIC FOUR! Rounding out the TEC Team this episode is fantastic special guest, comedian NICK SAHOYAH! Expect thrills! Chills! Spills! And a bunch of discussion on docking!

Jul 8, 2014

Episode 71: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Suppose This Is The Longest Night In The World?


It's Episode 71 of the LIVE version of TEC and this time we've got more killer dolls than you care to care about! This of course means we sat through the entirety or 1987's DOLLS which is actually not a bad movie (mostly). With us for the first time on the live podcast is special guest comedian and puppet master, EMMETT MONTGOMERY! Expect uncomfortable silences, unnecessary political arguments, Punky Brewster and PC game references, and a whole lot of creepy thoughts! WARNING: Due to technical difficulties, the episode cuts out near the end before we were able to reach the 'Wrap Up Rap' segment so consider yourself lucky or not depending on how much you do or don't hate that part!

Jun 20, 2014

Episode 70: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Kevin Turns 97!


It's a very special birthday episode of TEC: LIVES!! featuring the still-moving corpses of me, co-host TRAVIS VOGT and birthday boy, co-host KEVIN CLARKE! To celebrate Kevin's special day, we made people watch 1990's weird-ass Gremlins rip-off, MUNCHIES! Plus, we welcomed film critic, Scarecrow Video rep and friend of the people, MATT LYNCH! Expect disingenuous birthday wishes, Pizza Hut puppet memories, Chuck Norris nostalgia and cake raps!

May 4, 2014

Episode 69: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: The Suck Of The Irish

Top o' the morning to ya, Enemaniacs! It's Episode 69 and we've got an Irish goodbye that you won't soon forget, thanks to Clive Barker, the 80's and a Danzig dick monster that will haunt your dreams aka 1986's horror/accidental comedy, RAWHEAD REX! When an ancient dick beast/demon is unearthed in rural Ireland, the emerald Isle comes under attack with only the help of a wise-cracking sweater-wearing American to save them! But don't worry, they have metaphors, inaccurate religious history and female stereotypes on their side! Along for this sacrilegious soiree is our special guest for March, comedian and possible Irish person, TYLER SCHNUPP! Expect a lot of cock talk, kiss hate, piss baths and more mentions of potatoes than you can shake a potato at!

May 4, 2014

Episode 68: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Computer? I Barely Knew Her!


It's Episode 68 and love is in the air! Cooky, creepy computer love, that is. It's one of those classically fucked up rom-coms of the 80's, 1984's ELECTRIC DREAMS about a young nerd named Miles that buys a new computer that becomes sentient thanks to the push of the wrong buttons and a bottle of spilled champagne! SCIENCE. Now Miles not only has to learn how to get his microwave to work right, but stop his computer from stealing his new girlfriend! Along for this digital debauchery is special guest, comedian BETTINA MCKELVEY! WARNING: The audio for this episode is pretty atrocious thanks to us forgetting to plug in the right mic. Expect lots of loud noises, rustling, romance, rustling and a lot of facts about Virginia Madsen! Listen at your own risk!   

Feb 7, 2014

Episode 67: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Shred Till Your Dead!

It's Episode 67 and we're coming to you LIVE from our new location, The Jewelbox Theater in The Rendezvous! We've got another snow holds barred murder mystery action movie on our hands from 1991 called RED SNOW in which some snow board instructor goes under cover kind of to try and solve his brother's death at a snow lodge he worked at! Extreme dry humping, mega sick intrigue and rad-ass shreddin' ensue! Along for the journey is special guest, comedian WILFRED PADUA and a lot of drinking! Expect bodacious boob kissing, poor foreplay, radical drunkenness, and some mad cap rappin'!

Jan 14, 2014

Episode 66: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Happy Hulkidays!

It's that time of year we all have to remind ourselves to remember the reason for the season and that reason is obviously something having to do with Jesus, but mostly about watching movies starring pro-wrestler and mustache owner, Hulk Hogan!  This Holiday we bring you a movie starring the Hulkster with SHORT HAIR, an orphanage in trouble, a magical crystal cave and a bad guy with a fart gun, it's 1996's SANTA WITH MUSCLES along with our special guest, comedian and Hulkamaniac, ALLISON LIZOTTE!  Expect bad attitudes, the hulkiday spirit and podcast drunkeness for the whole family can enjoy!

Jan 14, 2014

Episode 65: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: It Was Indian Land!

Each Thanksgiving, we at TEC try to highlight films of the Nativesploitation genre, most often involving the revenge killing of white people.  This year, we went with a little more light-hearted cultural appropriation tale thanks to Chuck Norris' 1996 kid-friendly environmentalist vehicle, FOREST WARRIOR. Along for the alleged "ass-kicking" awkward ride is special guest, comedian DAVID LEON!  Expect animorphs, agendas, Native pride and zero cultural insight!

Jan 14, 2014

Episode 64: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Grandpa Says It’s Good For Me!

Welcome to another special All Hallow's Weird edition of the podcast, this time LIVE at The White Rabbit in Fremont!  We decided to treat ourselves to satanic, metal, incest, horror film, 1988's HACK-O-LANTERN with special guest, comedian and crafty warlock, DOUGLAS GALE!  Expect devil worship, oversensitivity and incest raps!

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