Here you can check out dates and descriptions of earlier episodes no longer available on this site.  If you'd like a copy of one of these episodes, just e-mail us at theenematiccinematic@gmail.com, let us know which episode(s) you'd like to hear and we'll forward you the sound files FOR FREE!!

Episode 47: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Can Somebody Bring Me A Shot?

Not only is it Episode 47 of TEC (finally) but it's the very second TEC LIVES! That's right, live on location at The White Rabbit in Fremont in front of an existing and fully functional live studio audience, mostly!  For this episode we screened the marvelously shitastic action flick starring Playmate boobs and cancer snakes, 1987's HARD TICKET TO HAWAII! 1 dead blow up doll, 2 bags of diamonds and 3 cunnilingus comments later, we recorded Episode 47 LIVE w/special guests comedian/Seattle Lust Tour host SARAH SKILLING, Rat City Rollergirl MC/Xtreme Pencil Fighting Ringmaster JAKE STRATTON and comedian/actor/speaker of truths OWEN STRAW!  Expect personal stories about Dolemite, a lacking of coconuts, acid flashbacks, rapping about cancer and the faint noise of the few people that stayed after the movie!

Episode 46: Technical Difficulties

Episode 46 was the first live episode of the podcast recorded during our years long residence at the now closed White Rabbit bar in Fremont.  The episode featured a screening of 1988 slasher movie CHEERLEADER CAMP and special guests, comedians DEREK SHEEN and PAUL MERRILL as well as hostess/socialite/professional female impersonator ANITA GOODMANN.  The show was very funny, but unfortunately Producer Mark had some issues with the audio since it was the first time we did this set up in that space and the resulting episode is not very listenable.  RIP TEC Episode 46.

MAY 7, 2012 - Episode 45: Totally Awesome Spicy Mayonnaise!

Okay you guys, like totally bag the noise and get ready for Episode 45, with 1983's video arcade sex comedy, JOYSTICKS, starring Uncle Rico, hot dogs, an actress from Surf II and JO DON BAKER!  My guests this episode include my friends and fellow members of my comedy group, Children of the Atom, CORBETT CUMMINS and SCOTT LOSSE! Expect really lame impressions, a shout out to Designing Women, remembering Eco the Dolphin, the secret recipe for Dom DeLuise's spicy chipotle mayonnaise and the phrase "sweet co*k" A LOT.

Apr 2, 2012 - Episode 44: Wasting Away In Margaritaville


Well, this one is going to be uncomfortable.  For Episode 44, we filled our brains with life lessons about sexual identity and milk thanks to 1986's wacky gender mix-up comedy, SOMETHING SPECIAL (aka WILLY/MILLY)! Little tomboy Milly buys some special wishing powder and under a full moon instead of wishing for her period (like a good little girl) she wishes for a wiener! Whoops! What's a girl to do? Here to help me sort out this metaphorical mess are brand new guests, comedians, RICK TAYLOR and JENNIFER BURDETTE! Expect trips to a Las Vegas Margaritaville, mojito lube references, vagina nicknames, Patty Duke, true hot tub confessions and rapping about white boys in wheelchairs!


Mar 19, 2012 - Episode 43: He’d Kill A Baby With A Weapon And Enjoy It!


For Episode 43 we heartily enjoyed on recommendation of previous guest, artist MARC PALM, a bizarre chopsocke karatesploitation buddy cop crime thriller from 1985 involving actual martial arts master, Tadashi Yamashita, a really racist pimp, hijinks and wackiness, SWORD OF HEAVEN!  My guests for this thrill ride include TEC pioneers, filmmakers and humorists, KEVIN CLARKE and TRAVIS VOGT!  Expect conversations about masonry, babies as canon fodder, dick nicknames that will inherit Downton Abbey and another amazing rap battle concerning puzzles and drugs!


Mar 4, 2012 - Episode 42: It’s Much More Comfortable Down Here


Episode 42 is filled with thrills, spills and...cheese puffs! We watched the shit out of 1985's GRUNT! THE WRESTLING MOVIE, a mockumentary about wrestler Mad Dog DeCurso (Magic Schwarz), the head pop heard 'round the world and a masked maniac!  Our wrestploitation turd stars actual wrestlers, made up wrestlers, poodles and Rebecca De Mornay's dad! My guests/fellow beer drinkers are comedians and wrestling "experts" JASON GOAD and OWEN STRAW! Expect straight up RAW conversations about X-Men, Conan commentary, natural cheese, insider wrestling nerd outs and an actual in house chair break!


Feb 18, 2012 - Episode 41: Nobody’s Meaner Than A Beaner


For Episode 41, we gritted our teeth and clenched our fists through half-assed racist action drama, 1989's GHETTO BLASTER, which taught us that it takes a prankster to bring down a gangster!  Sadly, no ghettos were harmed in the making of this right wing wet dream.  Along for the ride were returning guests, comedian CORBETT CUMMINS and artist/Scarecrow Video employee ALEX THOMAS! Expect police sirens, broken dreams, cat raps and horrible parenting!

Jan 21, 2012 - Episode 40: Welcome To The Ice Age


It's a brand new snowed in, claustrophobic, wine soaked episode of TEC, where in the spirit of the current Seattle snow storm, Producer Mark (aka Mark Allender) and myself decided to have our very own special episode to kill the time alone with each other! The shitty movie on deck for the night is appropriately, 1991's COOL AS ICE starring Vanilla Ice and other people! Prepare to hear several racist black-cents, the loss of teenaged innocence, a genuine moment of horror and another one of my unnecessary stories in over sharing!

January 7, 2012 - Episode 39: Thank You For Your Service

Happy New Year's Enemaniacs!  Just for you guys we threw together a special New Year's Eve episode full of blow job jokes, a giant cheese bowl, violent assaults, a scandalous story (not really) about "actor" Andy Dick and discussions about the difference between consent and permission!  We stayed awake (most of us) through the entirety of 1987's British horror film, BLOODY NEW YEAR about a bunch of shipwrecked British teens sort of stranded at a ghost hotel that is perpetually stuck in a New Year's Eve haunted party triangle.  Stayed awake!  My guests are returning friend of TEC, comedian, EMMETT MONTGOMERY, visiting from New York, comedian DANIEL CARROLL and friend of comedy/Dan's childhood friend, ex-marine, PETER TRAN!  Might want to keep your mace handy for this one.

Dec 31, 2011 - Episode 38: Choosy Ladies, Choose JIFF


For the last Christmas episode of 2011, our shitty movie of the evening was double the fun since it was a shitty rip-off of another shitty movie!  It's the 1998 lowest budget version of almost every Christmas movie ever made, the straight to DVD non-heart-warming holiday masterpiece, DEAR SANTA starring Santa's Village of Sacramento, CA and the scripts of Santa Clause, one of the versions of A Christmas Carol and A Christmas Story, respectively.  My guests for this episode include comedians, ROSALIE GALE and JESSICA STRAUSS!  Expect holiday music, owl rapping and I pose the eternal would you rather question, peanut butter or penis?


Dec 14, 2011 - Episode 37: They’ll Think We’re A Couple A Gays!


It's our first horrible holiday TEC episode of 2012 and in the spirit of the reason for the season or whatever, for Episode 37, we drank our way through bloody British Santa slasher, DON'T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS!  Made in 1984 and coming all the way from the land that invented dry humor and slavery!  My guests include artist/fellow Scarecrow Video employee, MARC PALM and comedian CORBETT CUMMINS!  Expect fart barn shout outs, a London Dungeon, Charlie Brown Hip Hop beats and obviously SPOT ON British accents!


Nov 19, 2011 - Episode 36: It’s Blood And It’s Coming From No Where!


It's THANKSGIVING at TEC and to celebrate we broke open some corner store wine, cream cheese and crackers and sat through 1983's Native-sploitation revenge flick, SCALPS! A group of twenty-something hippies set out to illegally gather Native artifacts in the desert for college "research" and low and behold, the Native American puppet ghosts and cat faced people in the area aren't having it! My guests for this decapitating, drum thumping episode are comedic writer/professional organizer, MICHELE COLYN and comedian BEN UDASHEN! Expect dad conversations, rapping over Native drumming, a fried bread song, revelations on Tim McGraw and an on air temper tantrum.  Happy Thanksgiving Enemaniacs!!!

Nov 13, 2011 - Episode 35: You Can’t Have Ice Cream Without Whipped Cream!


First of all, we need to have a moment of silence for hip hop legend, Heavy D.  Then you should listen to Episode 35 where guest comedians, DAN DUARTE and DEVIN BADOO and I sat through horror/heavy metal film BLACK ROSES from 1988 about demons posing as a rock band to steal teenage small town souls starring denim and mustaches!  Expect several tributes to Heavy D, conversations on Nutter Butters, raps about demons and serious amounts of insensitivity regarding obesity!  Yay!


Nov 1, 2011 - Episode 34: It’s Okay, I Found The Wine


It's a special Halloween-themed Episode 34 of TEC recorded before Halloween and posted promptly on November 1st! We watched possibly one of the most BORING movies I've ever seen and definitely the WORST Halloween-themed movie I've ever seen, 1982's TRICK OR TREATS. My guests for this episode are comedians and Delicious Mediocrity co-hosts, DEREK SHEEN and DOUGLAS GALE! Expect spooky sounds, weed-fueled chit chat about Steve Perry and a fist pumping true story about Judas Priest front man, Rob Halford!

Oct 21, 2011 - Episode 33: They Don’t Know I’m Your Dad


Welcome to a very intimate Episode 33, where comedian Sarah Skilling and I celebrate our first date night with 1989's teen comedy, SHE'S OUT OF CONTROL, starring Tony Danza and a daughter of one of the Monkees!  We discuss the uncomfortable sexual tension between Danz and his daughter, mine and Sarah's obsession with murder mystery shows, the teenage years we expected to have in the 80's, the time we almost had a comedy show canceled "due to a homocide," all while celebrating with white wine shots.  Ladies night will never be the same.  Possibly.

 August 10, 2011 - Episode 32: aaaaAAHHHH!


For Episode 32 we watched an infamous B-movie you may have actually seen for once, 1986's when-gymnastics-meets-karate-action-spy-thriller, GYMKATA! My guests include graphic designer/photographer/Scarecrow Video alumni ALEX THOMAS, stand up comedian and fellow Children of the Atom member, CORBETT CUMMINS and movie lover/avid TEC listener DEVIN SHERIDAN (aka Little Bear)! We discuss Corbett's members only jacket, stunt man screams, the greatest b-movie trailer ever made, give my best friend a rude wake up call and have our third ever episode walk off!!


Sep 9, 2011 - Episode 31: Uh…Live?!?


Coming to you from The Chapel bar, it's The Enematic Cinematic...LIVE! Yes! With an actual audience whom we forced to watch the whimsical zombie funeral home comedy, 1991's THE BONEYARD in it's shitty entirety!  Most of them even stayed afterward for the podcast taping.  Special guests include comedians/filmmakers TRAVIS VOGT and KEVIN CLARKE, plus hard-nosed journalist/film editor/comedian LINDY WEST of Seattle's free newspaper THE STRANGER! Expect laughter, applause, prize giveaways, shout outs to ham and the silent existence of Bruce Lee's ghost (maybe)!


Aug 28, 2011 - Episode 30: I Got Lost Too!


It's Episode 30 of TEC with the WORST sci-fi/alien invasion movie ever to star Luke Skywalker and the kid from Free Willy, 1997's LASERHAWK! With special guests, comedian Maria Heinegg and comedian/writer for The Onion and SNL's "Weekend Update", Mike Drucker! We discuss sex with DJs, rap from the perspective of an alien spaceship and Mike and Maria get into a real life fight over plaid (seriously)!


Jul 6, 2011 - Episode 29: Sh*t, I’m Gonna Get My Shirt Dirty


It's a ninja challenge Enemaniacs! With Episode 29 we bring you legendary chopsocky B-movie director, Godfrey Ho, 1987's NINJA KILL that involved at least five scenes with ninjas we think! We know this because their headbands labeled them as such. My guests include The Friendly Voices Podcast co-hosts, comedian Adam Firestone and art guy/visionary Barry Blankenship! Expect KFC biscuit shout-outs, a Green Lantern review (sort of) and several apologies.


Jun 20, 2011 - Episode 28: We Had Enough!


It's Episode 28 Enemaniacs and not only do I bring you hilarious returning guest, comedian Travis Vogt, but also brand new funny guests, Scarecrow Video employee Alex Thomas and Brainwreck Trivia show host Michele Colyn who bore gifts of roadhouse tea and gigantic marshmallows! Our brain-exploding, blood rain inducing and slime-filled film of the night was 1986's NEON MANIACS about a bunch of rampaging mutants that live under a bridge and like to axe and arrow stupid rich white teenagers! We discuss the cinematic genius that is this movie, learn 1980's cafeteria segregation slang and discuss my ousting by the Burger King Kid's Club. There will be blood (rain).


May 28, 2011 - Episode 27: Those Aren’t Guys, They’re Comedians!


In this very special and educational Episode 27, I bring you two Seattle comedy legends in one room with one bag of cheese puffs! It's Carl Warmenhoven, also manager of the legendary Seattle area comedy club, The Comedy Underground and the legend himself, James Heneghen aka Heneghen! I don't know how we convinced them to come on our little show Enemaniacs, but you're welcome! Also along for the ride is my friend and fellow comic, the hilarious Yogi Paliwal! Listen in as discuss the viewing of an instructional video that Carl and fellow Seattle comics made in 1997 titled, STAND-UP COMEDY 101! Expect mic advice, tampon jokes and several sudden deaths. Also, our SECOND walk out on the podcast (but for a better reason than Yogi's original one)!


May 21, 2011 - Episode 26: The Mormon Agenda


It's a little bit country and a trifle bit rock n' roll, a longer than usual death-infused episode with the titans of TEC, guests filmmaker Kevin Clarke and comedian Emmett Montgomery! To round out Emmett's trilogy of childhood terrors he's gifted us with on previous episodes, he brought us 1975's animated acid trip into animal cruelty with an Osmond family soundtrack, HUGO THE HIPPO! Expect lessons about death, mentions of New Kids on the Block, insider info about the Osmond family and a blatant Mormon agenda!


May 13, 2011 - Episode 25: Eat Your Meat


Joining us for Episode 25 are TEC veterans, filmmaker Jason Ryan and film lover Colin Thiel! Together we enjoy some beer, salted nuts and a viewing of 1989's retro 50's cannibalistic horror thing, PARENTS, starring the always sweaty/puffy faced Randy Quaid and a lot of lame metaphors.  We discuss creepy kids, polka dot pizzas and Jason's boyhood ball trauma. Bon apetit!


Apr 4, 2011 - Episode 24: This, Is The Brain Smasher!


For Episode 24, we decide to smash or brains with the Andrew Dice Clay action/adventure/romance turd, 1993's BRAIN SMASHER...A LOVE STORY! My guests for this woman-hating, ball breaking, kung fu fighting episode are comedians and hosts of Delicious Mediocrity, Derek Sheen and Doug Gale! Plus special guest, TEC and Del Med podcast producer, Mark Allender! Expect bad Italian accents, bush jokes, All In The Family impressions and our very first noise complaint ever recorded LIVE!  That's right Enemaniacs, the Dice Man has cometh...again.


Mar 10, 2011 - Episode 23: Stuck Between A Plot And A Hard Disk


Will computers help humankind reach advances of limitless technological power or robotically betray and kill us all?  In the 80's it was really a toss up.  One of the films that explored the idea of computer danger and ethnic stereotypes was 1988's TERMINAL ENTRY about a group of ambiguously aged young people that instead of playing a harmless computer war game, accidentally hack into a terrorist online network.  I'm pretty sure this movie invented the internet.  Guests include The Humor Program founders/members comedians Jake Barker, Devon Badoo and returning guest, David TV!


Feb 25, 2011 - Episode 22: Sign Next To The X!


The one time you probably should shoot the messenger, it's 1988's TERRORGRAM, a horror anthology movie about three people who get their come-uppings via metaphysical packages or something starring no one important except the voice of James Earl Jones!  My guests include returning favorites, local filmmaker Jason Ryan and cinephile/filmblogger Colin Thiel! We discuss fake penises, the Lion King, Bro-bble baths and the movie sometimes.


Feb 15, 2011 - Episode 21: You Might Be A Redneck


Quite possibly one of the most random of the awful movies we've seen, it's 1987's MIAMI CONNECTION!  It's like The Warriors, but with ninjas, new wave bands, unhappy 40 year old orphans and lots of shitty music.  Guests include comedians Seth Lazear, Corbett Cummins and a secret special guest!


Jan 21, 2011 - Episode 20: Hate, Hate, Exterminate!


Somehow we not only made it to the year 2011, but Episode 20 of TEC and to celebrate (sort of) we decided to watch a post-apocalyptic-ROAD WARRIOR-rip-off-feel-good romp from 1984 entitled, THE NEW BARBARIANS, starring Fred "The Hammer" Williamson and a giant rape drill!  My guests for this episode are comedians/filmmakers/Adventure Buddies and Steel of Fire Warriors Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke along with comedian and part-time leg model Solomon Georgio! Shoulder pads, G-strings and boob domes galore! Also, prepare to be hear the word rape, a lot.


Dec 31, 2010 - Episode 19: All In The Family


Well, apparently 2010 has come to a close and to celebrate, I bring a very special bonus New Year's Eve mini-episode (recorded on Christmas Eve) rounding out our "Horrible Holidays" block with possibly the worst piece of shit of them all, 1992's SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 5: THE TOY MAKER.  This one "stars" a super bloated Mickey Rooney, a robotic perverted Pinocchio and a bunch of killer toys!  My super special guests on this bonus episode (who thankfully had enough wine to get through it) are two members of my ACTUAL family.  As in my real life older blood sister Amanda and my real life birth mother Lyn!  I'm not sure how much more to sell this one other than my Mom raps about perverted robot teenage dolls.  Seriously.  This one is a must-hear.


Dec 29, 2010 - Episode 18: Christmas Comes All Over Our Face


For Episode 18 we watched our most recent movie yet, the fun for the whole family, 2005's SANTA'S SLAY starring wrestler Goldberg as the killer Claus!  According to made up legend, Santa Claus is actually the son of the devil and has been forced to bring kids gifts and happiness for the past 1,000 as the result of losing a bet with an angel.  Now that 1,000 years are up, all bets are off and Santa goes on a back-breaking, ball-busting killing spree!  My guests for this steroid-fueled episode are returning guest, comedian Danielle Radford and new guest, comedian Ross Parsons!  Together we discuss myself and Danielle's unexpected Goldberg hard-ons, awkward holiday gifts from family, the arduous task of Pokemon training, Ross' fears of Santa rape and of course the awesome fucking movie that is, SANTA'S SLAY!


Dec 27, 2010 - Episode 17: You Can’t Destroy Me!


It's a psychic/samurai/slasher for "Horrible Holidays" Episode 17! Possibly one of the worst movies I've graced my guests with so far, 1982's BLOODBEAT!  A dude brings his hyper emotional girlfriend Sarah home to his parents cabin for the holidays and unfortunately for her, his family and his penis, a poltergeist in the form of a killer samurai decides to spread some yuletide fear! Yeah. I'm still confused.  My guests along for this Christmas crap-fest are comedians and returning guests, Derek Sheen (host of the Delicious Mediocrity Podcast) and Emmett Montgomery! Plus new guest, comedian Yogi Paliwal (host of the Player's Room Podcast)! Together we discuss fat camp, French-fried hillbillies, violent masturbation and laser revenge all culminating in one guest's genuine freak out and our very first podcast walkout (not inspired by the movie)!


Dec 17, 2010 - Episode 16: Santa Said Oral


We're back with Episode 16 with the horror holiday film, 1989's ELVES!  A disgraced former detective and recovering alcoholic is forced to take a job as a mall Santa to pay his trailer park rent and in the process discovers a secret experimental breeding conspiracy involving the cute teenaged girl that works at the mall, elves, an old crippled German and Nazis!  My guests this episode are adorable comedians Jessica Strauss, who I thought would never speak to me again after EL MUERTO in Ep.7 and new guest, comedian Barbara Holm!  We discuss the complications of incest, the true meaning of the biblical story of Noah and his arc, the plague of public displays of affection and of course, the serious burn on Jews that Nazis considered Elves superior.  Sick burn!

Nov 19, 2010 - Episode 15: Destroy All Movies!


Gracing us with their thoughts and rap stylings for Episode 15 are writers/film lovers/VHS vigilantes and all around funny dudes, Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly, writers of the brand new movie compendium, "Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide to Punks on Film!"  The credits that make them expert guests for this podcast are endless...formally employees of Scarecrow Video,  former regular hosts of the Olympia Film Festival all night B-movie extravaganza "All Freakin' Night," film booker for Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (Zack), manager of Austin's Vulcan Video (Bryan) and of course, editors of this amazing book, "Destroy All Movies..." you can and should buy either here on Amazon or from Scarecrow Video! We talk about their favorite movie to incorporate punk as well as one of the best 80's party movies of all time, 1984's SURF II starring iconic nerd actor Eddie Deezen as Menlo Schwartzer, a mad nerd scientist that takes revenge against the surfers that harassed him in high school by creating a soda that turns all that drink it into mindless, garbage-eating punk rockers!  Too Rude!  We talk the book, remembering VHS and Zack and Bryan's interview with the legend Eddie Deezen himself!  This episode only lives by one rule...no rules!


Nov 14, 2010 - Episode 14: Big butts! B’zooms! Crax!


t's Episode 14 and for your enjoyment we sat through the entirety of 1977's epic demonic non-thriller, DEATH BED: THE BED THAT EATS.  A creepy, king-sized mildewy bed that happens to be possessed by a demonic force, wreaks havoc on some seventies ladies and dudes as it's yellow, bed stomach acid consumes anything and everyone that decides to nap, make out or play cards on it.  My guests for this episode are both previous guests on the podcast, comedian/filmmaker Kevin Clarke and Scarecrow Video Manager/B-movie enthusiast Rich Grendzinski.  Together we discuss fried chicken picnics, attempt to understand the complex biology behind the demonic bed intestinal system and of course, rap about Martin Sheen's less talented brother, Mr. Joe Estevez.  You're welcome.


Nov 1, 2010 - Episode 13: Bad Movies vs. Orgasms


All Hallow's Weiner is upon us, Enemaniacs and to celebrate, we recorded a very special mini-episode for Episode 13!  The spooky shitty movie we tortured ourselves with was 1988's HOLLOW GATE about a disturbed dude who decides to kill teenagers every Halloween to get back at his alcoholic father who shoved his face in an apple bobbing bucket as a kid.  Yeah.  My brand new guests on this episode are comedian Mike Drucker (SNL, The Onion), comedian Doug Gale who co-hosts the comedy podcast Delicious Mediocrity as well as cartoonist/illustrator/podcast producer and now forever known as producer of my orgasms, Mark "Pasteyboy" Allender!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Oct 29, 2010 - Episode 12: I Like Her, Teddy


The movie chosen for Episode 12 is 1981's THE PIT which can also be known as 1981's birth control.  THE PIT tells the story of little fucked up 12 year-old Jamie, who is an odd child that is teased and tormented by his classmates and as a result, he creates an evil voice in his head for his teddy bear and just happens to discover a pit filled with ancient meat-eating monsters he calls Trolologs.  Along on this journey through violent puberty and child psychology, are returning guests, comedian Emmett Montgomery and artist/illustrator Carina Simmons as well as BRAND NEW guest, comedian David TV!  We our own awkward childhoods, the origins of David's last name, the psychology of Emmett Montgomery and of course our over all disturbing group experience that was THE PIT!


Oct 22, 2010 - Episode 11: We Accept The Challenge


It's Episode 11 and I've brought in some experts to help me deal with this shit kicking Canadian musical horror movie appropriately titled, ROCK N' ROLL NIGHTMARE.  Released in 1987 and written by it's star Canadian body builder/rock singer/wrestler Jon Mikl Thor, a Canadian metal band decide to take a vacation at a small farm house in order to work on their new album.  Unfortunately the house is notorious for killing small children and house wives with dick-looking puppetry.  My guests for this episode are returning TEC guest and former lead singer of the unknown punk band Major Major, comedian Nicole Lucas!  Plus brand new guest, hilarious comedian, fellow podcaster (check out Delicious Mediocrity) and guitar maestro Derek Sheen!  Come join us as we crack open some beers, talk about boobs, discuss our own musical pasts and rap about rapey vans!


Oct 14, 2010 - Episode 10: I Had Gas


It's a randomly jerk-flavored reggae tinged episode of TEC!  We've reached double digits and to celebrate I invited back my very fist guests from Episode 1, filmmaker Jason Ryan and film blogger Colin Thiel! Our surprisingly brilliant B-movie is about a horror movie fest gone gory when it's proprietors began being stalked and killed by a crazed film cult hippie from the 60's.  The movie is 1991's POPCORN.  Reggae is bashed, people are murdered by giant mosquitoes, pig-dicks are invented and most importantly, Jason and Colin finally rap!  Big ups to beer and shitty movies!


Sep 30, 2010 - Episode 9: We Came For The Rumble


My guests  for Episode 9  Rich Grendzinski, Matt Lynch, Laird Jimenez and Marc Palm are employees of the largest independent video store in the world, Scarecrow Video and with them they brought a movie that you will most likely only find at Scarecrow, 1985's NINJA TURF aka L.A. STREET FIGHTERS. Boy goes to new school.  Boy karate fights with forty year-old bullies, boy meets girl then boy meets drug dealer and a bunch of Mexicans with knives.  It only gets better from there.


Sep 22, 2010 - Episode 8: If Only I Had My Schlong!


It's Episode 8 and hopefully you're feeling hungry!  Our cannibal movie is the epically shitty 1987's BLOOD DINER, about two bumbling brothers who help their dead uncle collect body parts of local tramps in order to resurrect some Goddess of something. My guests on this food-centric episode include local food tour employees, Olin Berger and Caroline Hinchliff!  If you've ever wanted to watch girls cheer lead topless, choke out a fat person or watch vegetarians unwittingly eat each other, than rent BLOOD DINER or just listen!

Sep 11, 2010 - Episode 7: My Body Es Like A Battlefield!


In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, it's a muy especial Episode 7 starring guacamole, several cervezas and the muy mal movie that is 2007's THE DEAD ONE.  Based on an indie comic of the same name in Spanish titled El Muerto, it stars Wilmer Valderrama as an undead superhero crying in the rain in pancake make up a lot.    Mi especial guests, comedians and fellow partial Mexicans, Jessica Strauss and Corbett Cummins! Jessica, Corbett and I learn that Spanish rape isn't that bad, Maria Conchita Alonso did not age well, what Corbett's "O" face looks like and there is in fact, a worse comic book adaptation than THE PUNISHER.

Sep 4, 2010 - Episode 6: I Didn’t Know She Was 15!


On this barely legal, under age episode, I bring you 1983's SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE in unintentional 2-D!  Starring an underage Molly Ringwald, Peter Strauss and Michael Ironside! On this trip to the unknown reaches of (Utah) space, I brought along with me comedian and magician of wizardry Emmett "Mustache" Montgomery as well as comedian, Comedy Underground co-host and co-podcaster (Delicious Mediocrity), Mr. Joe "He F***king Goes There" Henry! Personal boundaries are tested, boners discussed and I bring the podcast to a stand still when I manage to simultaneously disturb Emmett and make Joe speechless which is, I promise you Enemaniacs, a must hear feat!


Aug 30, 2010 - Episode 5: F**k You, Josh Dealy!

It's Episode 5 of the allegedly riotous, Enematic Cinematic!  Brought to us by suggestion, is 1984's SCREAM FOR HELP directed by the visionary mind behind Death Wish 1-3, Michael Winner.  Unfortunately nothing blows up in this one unless you count teenage hymens.  Guests include comedians/filmmakers/sketch writer-doers/action stars and also, Scarecrow Video employees, Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt of The Entertainment Show, Adventure Buddies series, ClarkeTheVogt Productions and their mom's vaginas respectively!  Expect break lines to fail, lights to come on, hip hop history to be made, unnecessary amounts of virgin blood and a really long awkward conversation about pancakes!


Aug 23, 2010 - Episode 4: Hold On To Your Boobs, Girl!


It's episode 4 of TEC and for this time-traveling, logic and science-defying episode, we bring you the dino-sized shitstorm, 1994's TAMMY AND THE T-REX starring a pre-Sheened Denise Richards and a pre-fast, pre-furious Paul Walker!  Here on this nostalgic 90's episode with me are comedian and "The Stranger" Gong Show winner, Solomon Georgio as well as artist/animator Mark "Pasteyboy" Allender!  Crushed-velvet, dino-charades, gay stereotypes, and ankhs galore!  This movie has the distinction of having the one and only cinematic "testicular stand-off"!  You know you want to listen...


Aug 14, 2010 - Episode 3: You Can’t Make Us Play With You


In this very special nostalgic episode, we torture ourselves for your enjoyment with 1989's comedy/horror/sci-fi turd MONSTER HIGH, starring no one unless you count David Fuhrer, a not really famous commercial actor and late night T.V. guest known at that time for his ability to talk backwards.    Along with me on this journey back to the beginnings of periods and endings of virginity, are three of my good friends I've known since high school, local animator Carina Simmons and members of the punk rock band Poop Attack, Jimsan Dunstan and Tony Fantozzi!  So take a seat, pass the cheese puffs and enjoy our beer-infused experience of Monster High!


August 6, 2010 - Episode 2: Keep Your Fingers Above the Sheets!


The second episode of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast!  Not unlike the "young" girls in juvenile hall in our film, 1986's REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS, myself along with my special guests, comedians Nicole Lucas and Danielle Radford, have our eyeballs hosed down with implied rape, box references, Wendy O. Williams' of the Plasmatics life-hardened face and Andy Warhol Superstar Pat Ast eating chocolates and possibly vaginas!  Plus, Sybil Danning as Nazi-esque warden!

July 31, 2010 - Episode 1: Lady, I'm F***ing Dead


The inaugural episode of The Enematic Cinematic, your guide to the watchable worst in vintage cinema with your host, me, un-notable bargain bin B movie lover and comedian, Elicia "The Sanch" Sanchez!  This episode includes reviews and revelations from 1988's horror/comedy/WTF DEAD HEAT, starring ex-WB star Treat Williams and ex-SNL cast member Joe Piscopo!  Special guests include indie filmmaker Jason Ryan and co-indie film blogger Colin Thiel!  For photos and clips from this movie as well as a toilet bowl of other cinematic turds, check out the blog at http://www.theenematiccinematic.blogspot.com.