Based out of Seattle, WA, comedian/video store employee Elicia Sanchez bribes fellow comedians, B-movie experts and sometimes just random people she knows with beer and cheese puffs to come over to her apartment, watch bad movies and then afterward talk about it while being recorded.  Beer will be drank, jokes will be had and bonds will be broken, it's The Enematic Cinematic!

There are also LIVE episodes of the podcast recorded in front of a very loud and drunk audience every month!  TEC: LIVES episodes are recorded every second Tuesday of the month at The Jewelbox Theater in The Rendezvous (2322 2nd Ave.)!  For more info on the TEC: LIVES live show, movie trailers, pictures and other movie reviews check out the blog @ http://www.theenematiccinematic.blogspot.com!

To listen to previous episodes of the podcast no longer available on this Podbean site, you can go to the podcast episode archive page to check out the descriptions of each episode, then e-mail us at theenematiccinematic@gmail.com to have an archived episode sound file sent to you at no charge!