Episode 80: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us!


Episode 80 was recorded in February which of course means store-bought-and-falsely-manufactured love is in the air! And speaking of store-bought-and-falsely-manufactured love, this episode we wax nostalgic over quite possibly one of the most bizarrely misogynistic and literally store-bought love stories you've ever grown up with and told was normal, 1987's MANNEQUIN starring a very wooden Kim Catrall as an "Egyptian" "princess" "cursed" to "live" as a department store mannequin and the Andrew McCarthy that creepily loves her! Also feeling the love, special guest, artist and member of Seattle's premiere Michael Bolton cover band Lightning Bolton, EMILY SHAHAN! Expect dead grandmas, a rap dedicated solely to the butt-related pleasure skills of actor James Spader and SO. MUCH. STARSHIP.