Episode 73: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Pia Zadora And The Weak-Ass Pony



For Episode 73 we went back to the beach! Sort of. More like down to the river, thanks to "A River Runs Through It" star Craig Scheffer who sings a lot with his shirt off and eventually turns into a panther! Also, Pia Zadora! Also, giant squids! And aliens! Anyway, it's called THE VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS from 1984 and it's about some aliens that look like people coming to Earth and finding some crazy rocking kids and trying to start bands! Oh, and Jermaine Jackson was there for a second! Along for the fantastic voyage, comedian DEREK SHEEN! Expect penis chainsaws, weak-ass pony tails and rock-a-billy. SO MUCH ROCK-A-BILLY.