Episode 69: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: The Suck Of The Irish


Top o' the morning to ya, Enemaniacs! It's Episode 69 and we've got an Irish goodbye that you won't soon forget, thanks to Clive Barker, the 80's and a Danzig dick monster that will haunt your dreams aka 1986's horror/accidental comedy, RAWHEAD REX! When an ancient dick beast/demon is unearthed in rural Ireland, the emerald Isle comes under attack with only the help of a wise-cracking sweater-wearing American to save them! But don't worry, they have metaphors, inaccurate religious history and female stereotypes on their side! Along for this sacrilegious soiree is our special guest for March, comedian and possible Irish person, TYLER SCHNUPP! Expect a lot of cock talk, kiss hate, piss baths and more mentions of potatoes than you can shake a potato at!