Episode 68: The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: Computer? I Barely Knew Her!



It's Episode 68 and love is in the air! Cooky, creepy computer love, that is. It's one of those classically fucked up rom-coms of the 80's, 1984's ELECTRIC DREAMS about a young nerd named Miles that buys a new computer that becomes sentient thanks to the push of the wrong buttons and a bottle of spilled champagne! SCIENCE. Now Miles not only has to learn how to get his microwave to work right, but stop his computer from stealing his new girlfriend! Along for this digital debauchery is special guest, comedian BETTINA MCKELVEY! WARNING: The audio for this episode is pretty atrocious thanks to us forgetting to plug in the right mic. Expect lots of loud noises, rustling, romance, rustling and a lot of facts about Virginia Madsen! Listen at your own risk!